What is the CANpitch Program?

    CANpitch was created to introduce and develop the fundamental skills of windmill pitching to Canada’s children and youth. CANpitch instructors in each province teach a nationally standardized curriculum founded in Long Term Player Development (LTPD) principles that reflects an athlete-centered approach to learning.

    The benefits of a nationally standardized pitching program like CANpitch are:

    • All athletes across Canada will have the opportunity to learn how to pitch from experts.
    • Improved skills will improve competitiveness at the local, provincial and national levels.
    • CANpitch Instructors are part of a national network of pitching coaches that participate in professional development sessions, which fosters a sense of community and the sharing of best practices.

    CANpitch programs in your area may run year-round with group lessons often taking place once a week in 6 week blocks. In the future we hope all softball associations in Canada have CANpitch Instructors offering programs to anyone wanting to learn to pitch. Contact your Provincial/Territorial Office or local softball association about how to host, become a CANpitch Instructor or enroll a pitcher in a CANpitch Program near you. 


    How are we doing?

    Your feedback is important to us! Let Softball Canada know about your experience with the CANpitch Program by filling out the following surveys:

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